Responsive Website Design is Important. Why?

Responsive Website Design is Important. Why?

I was sitting in a meeting. Truth be told I wasn't really paying attention to the speaker. I was using my phone to find some yoga classes. My back had been killing me and I wanted to find a place to help me stretch it out.

I "Googled" Yoga Classes San Diego. Sure enough there were a few of them in my area.

And wouldn't you know it... the first one i went to was scrunched up and I couldn't really read anything on it. So I bailed out. I went on to the next one.

And sure enough... they had a Responsive Website. So I stayed. And I read. And I put it in my favorites so I could come back to it later after my meeting. The truth is, users of websites range in demographics and the harder it is to read your site on what most people now use (mobile devices), the more you're going to lose out on customers. They are going to "Bail Out".

So if you're a business owner reading this, next time you think "I don't need to make my site responsive" you might just want to consider the "Bail Out" factor.