How to Add a Custom Background Image in WordPress

Background images in WordPress can be used to make your web page look more engaging as well as visually attractive. However, not everyone knows how to add an image as a background. If this is you, then this article is for you.

Using WordPress theme settings
The first option you can use to add background images in WordPress is through the theme settings. The majority of themes, both free and premium ones, come with a custom background support. This is a simple feature that will help you set your image of choice as a background image. If your theme supports this feature, then you should consider using it to add an image to the background of your WordPress website. There are other methods that can be used if the theme doesn’t support this function.

The first step you need to take is that of visiting Appearance >> Customize page from the admin page. This will take you to the WordPress theme customizer from where you can make the changes you need. Go to the “Background Image” option and click on it. Go to “Select Image” and upload an image from your computer. After uploading, select the image you wish to use as the background and you will see a preview.

There are several image options that help you set the image how you want it. The main options are fit screen, fill screen, custom or repeat. Once you are done editing, select “Save & Publish”.

Using WordPress plugins
The second option is ideal where the theme doesn’t support background images in WordPress. Plugins offer more options such as setting multiple background images or setting unique images for each post, category or page. A plugin will make the background images full screen as well as mobile responsive.

To use plugins, you need to find and install a good plugin such as the Full Screen Background Pro. Install and activate the plugin. Once that is done, go to Appearance>>Full Screen BG Image page then configure the plugin. Once that is done, go to “Add New Image” button and select the image you wish to upload. You will be required to name the image. Customize the image to your liking and select “Save”. The plugin allows you to add as many images as you want.

Using CSS
The third option is more advanced. You add image using CSS. WordPress adds CSS classes to HTML elements on the WordPress website. You can add an image to individual post, categories, author and pages using the WordPress generated CSS classes.

The three are the main methods you can use to add background images in WordPress. The choice will depend on the option you feel most comfortable using.

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