How to Code Your WordPress Website

If you are ready to learn how to code WordPress website, then this post is for you. Most website code consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As a beginner learning how to code, you have to be willing to commit hours of studying and practice. The best thing is that there are numerous resources you can use to learn how to code and innumerable tools to make the process easier. In this guide we shall be covering how to code a WordPress website using the drag and drop tools.

Website Builders Versus Coding from Scratch

A decade or so ago, coding a website used to be very hard. This is because everything had to be coded manually and from scratch. Any error in the code had to be located manually and fixed. As a result, building a website used to take a very long time. Clients had to pay a lot of money to get their websites built. Even after the birth of website builders, most clients still preferred hiring professionals to build their website because the tools didn’t offer the same quality.

Things have changed in 2020. CMS platforms like WordPress have made it easy for one to code WordPress website fast and with ease. Majority of developers no longer write website code from scratch. 95% of the time, one can build a website using builders or without writing any code. Let’s take a look at the easiest way to code WordPress website.

Code custom websites using WordPress

WordPress powers more than 35% of all the websites on the Internet. It has many tools that make it easy to create custom sites from scratch and without spending hours learning how to code. One of the best builder to use on WordPress is the Beaver Builder framework. You need to get a domain name and web hosting. You then need to install WordPress and get the Beaver Builder plugin. You can use Beaver Builder plugin to create your own custom WordPress theme from scratch too. It has a drag and drop interface that is beginner friendly and powerful for developers.

Other reliable builders you can use include:

  • Divi Builder
  • Elementor
  • Astra

WordPress is without any doubt the best platforms for building a website from scratch easily. Many big companies use it among them Facebook, Microsoft, BBC and The New York Times.

Code using Constant Contact’s Website Builder

If you don’t want to get a domain, hosting and installing software such as WordPress, Constant Contact website builder is the option you should use. The builder also has an A.I that will help you throughout the process. The free plan is, however, limited. You get to create a website by answering a couple of questions.

Other great alternatives to Constant Contact are:

  • Gator by HostGator
  • website builder
  • BigCommerce

If you want to learn how to code a WordPress website from scratch, you should start by learning HTML5 and CSS3. Don’t be afraid of signing up to a course.

How to Code WordPress website