How to Easily Clear Cache in WordPress

Caching solutions normally store the static version of your website so that WordPress doesn’t have to run the heavier PHP scripts. This helps boost the performance of your website. The server, browser and caching plugins you have installed can serve cached content. This can make it hard for you to see the changes that you make. The good news is that you can clear cache in WordPress.

There are many caching solutions that are available. The most common WordPress caching plugins are the WP Super Cache and the W3 Total Cache. Managed WordPress hosting providers such as WPEngine also use their own unique caching solutions. With so many types of caching solutions being available, there are several steps you have to take when you want to clear cache in WordPress.

Clear the browser cache
This is obviously the first thing you should do. Most web browsers store static content such as images, JavaScript and style-sheets from websites in order to make websites load faster. At times, some browsers fail to fetch fresh content from the website thus leading to performance issues. Depending on the browser you are using, the process of clearing cache will vary. For Google Chrome, you need to go to More Tools >> Clear Browsing Data.

Clear cache in the WordPress caching plugin
If you are using a caching plugin, you have to clear the cache in each individual caching plugin. You do this from the plugin’s settings page. For the WP Super Cache, you need to go to Settings>>WP Super Cache page then click on the ‘Delete Cache’ button. If you are using W3 Total Cache, go to Performance>>Dashboard page then click on the ‘empty all caches’ button. Different plugins offer different ways of clearing the cache.

For the WPEngine, you need to clear the cache if you cannot see the changes you make to your WordPress website. To do this, go to WPEngine menu item in the admin bar then scroll to the ‘General’ settings and click the purge all caches button.

If you use Sucuri, which is a web application firewall, you can clear the cache by going to Sucuri>>WAF menu. You will find this on the WordPress admin area. Click on the ‘Clear Cache’ tab then on ‘Clear Cache’ at the very bottom of the page.

How you clear cache in WordPress will depend on the caching solution that you are using. It pays to compile a list of all the caching solutions on your website so that you can easily clear cache when the need arises.

Clear cache in WordPress