How to Post to Facebook from WordPress Automatically

Posting to Facebook from WordPress offers a number of benefits. This is more so if you are able to do so automatically. The reason why you need to consider this option is because it will offer significant traffic to your website. Facebook has a large user base. Posting your website posts on Facebook will help tap into this traffic and engage users better and grow a stronger following. Although it is not possible to automate engagement, it is possible to automate sharing from your blog/ website to your Facebook profile or page. In this post, we shall be looking at the two best methods you can use for this.

The IFTTT (If This Then That) is a popular tool that enables you to automate online accounts and to make the Internet work for you. You can easily define applets where every applet will connect you with 2 online accounts. The tool searches for a trigger on one account and once it finds the trigger, it will perform the predefined action on other accounts. It is possible to use IFTTT for posting to Facebook from WordPress, automatically.

To get started, visit and setup an account. Thereafter, hit ‘New Applet’ on the top right corner to start the IFTTT wizard. You will be required to pick a service; select ‘WordPress’ then connect to the WordPress website. Enter the address of your website and the login details. This will connect you to your website. You will then be provided with the triggers you can use. Pick when new post is published or post is published in a specific tag or category. Under +that, pick a service where you wish the action to be performed automatically by IFTTT: Select Facebook or Facebook Pages. A popup will ask for your Facebook permissions. Edit the settings and save. You are done.

Using Buffer
This is a tool that will enable you to schedule status updates for social media. You can use this tool for posting to Facebook from WordPress. The first step is to visit and create an account. You then need to connect to your WordPress site and install and activate WordPress to Buffer plugin. Go to WP to Buffer and make required configurations. You then need to go to tokens and copy the clickable URL. Go to Buffer Developers website and click on create an app button. This will bring a form where you have to provide a name, description, website URL and the callback URL that you copied earlier. When that is done, copy the token to your plugin’s settings page on WordPress and save. This will now connect WordPress to the Buffer Plugin.

The next step is to hit the post tab to configure where posts should be shared. You can add social media profiles from the Buffer account. Configure the plugin under more options then save. You are done.

There are more plugins you can use for posting to Facebook from WordPress. Pick plugins from reputable publishers. You must also configure the plugin properly before executing.

Posting to Facebook from WordPress