Top Reasons why WordPress Websites Get Hacked

WordPress websitesWordPress websites get hacked more often than you might think. WordPress is a common target because it powers more than 33% of the live websites. The immense popularity gives hackers an easy way to find websites that are less secure and end up exploiting them. The good news is that most of the websites that get hacked have some things in common.

Insecure web hosting
WordPress websites are also hosted on web servers. You need a domain name and a web host for you to create a website on WordPress. If you end up with a hosting company that doesn’t secure its platform properly, you will be at a high risk of being hacked. Choosing a secure web host can keep your WordPress website from being hacked.

Using weak passwords
Passwords are the primary focus of hackers. Most WordPress websites get hacked because their admin use simple passwords. Your passwords need to be alpha-numeric. They should include letters, numbers and even symbols.

Unprotected access to the admin area
The admin area enables the user to perform various actions on their website. This is a major target by hackers. Not protecting it properly will leave your website vulnerable. Adding a layer of authentication can keep the WordPress admin directory better protected. The first step is to password protect the admin area. You should also enforce strong passwords for all the users. A two factor authentication will also make it harder for the hackers to gain access to the WordPress admin area.

Incorrect file permissions
The file permissions are simply rules that are used by the web server. They control the access of web servers to various files on your website. Incorrect file permissions will give hackers access to your files. Ensure your files have 644 value as the file permission. The folders should have the 755 as the file permission.

Failing to update WordPress
If you don’t update your plugins, themes and WordPress software, your website will be more vulnerable. Remember that every new version of plugin, theme or WordPress software fixes security vulnerabilities and bugs. Always backup your website before going through with a complete manual update.

Using plain FTP
You should be using SFTP/SSH to reinforce the security of your website. FTP is the account you use to upload new files to your web server. When using FTP, your password is normally sent to the web server without any encryption. Using SFTP or SSH will encrypt your passwords when they are being sent to the web server. Change the protocol to SFTP – SSH when connecting to the website.

There are many other reasons why most WordPress websites get hacked. You need to run a threat assessment every now and then. You also need to make regular backups of your website so that you can easily recover it if you are ever hacked.

WordPress websites get hacked