Everything You Need to Understand About WooCommerce

Everything You Need to Understand About WooCommerce

If you are considering using WooCommerce to create your first ecommerce business then this post is for you. WooCommerce is without any doubt the most popular ecommerce platform on the internet. It is super flexible, cost effective and very easy to manage even for beginners. However, it is easy to feel intimidated especially if you are a beginner. That is why we have taken the time to discuss a couple of things about WooCommerce.

What is it?

The WooCommerce is free ecommerce software that makes it super easy for you to sell products and services online. It is used by millions of online stores around the world.

The WooCommerce was developed as a WordPress extension. This means you can easily build a website from scratch or add the shopping cart functionality on your existing website with great ease. The best thing is that WooCommerce is free to download and use. All in all, you will still need to pay for a domain name and web hosting in order to setup your website.

Why use WooCommerce

One of the main reasons why WooCommerce is so popular is because it is very easy to use and comes with powerful features. What is more is that the platform is open source and gives you full control over your website.  Unlike other ecommerce platforms, there is no licensing fee involved. You can use your new store the way you want.

The fact that WooCommerce is a plugin built on WordPress means you will enjoy the full power of WordPress as well. You also get to choose from thousands of beautiful designs and templates to customize your online store. The best thing is that most of these templates and designs are available free of charge.

Flexibility is the main reason people love the WooCommerce platform. You will be able to add just any feature you want using the various WooCommerce plugins/add-ons. You don’t have to code anything. You can add such features as subscriptions, booking, sales tax collection, and shipping platform integration. You can also use WordPress plugins to add additional features like call now buttons, contact forms, data backup, galleries and security firewall.

Building an online store has never been easier than with the WooCommerce platform. When compared with other platforms WooCommerce stands out. However, for you to get the most from it you need to know how to use it properly. If you don’t leverage on all its powerful features you will not enjoy its full power.