Google Adwords- The fast way to Advertise Online

Google Adwords- The fast way to Advertise Online

Google Adwords- The fast way to Advertise Online

Ever wonder what and why you see all those ads you see to the right of your search screen?

Google Adwords was created to get your company out there quick. When someone Google’s your keywords, and your location they will see your ad on the right hand side of the screen. What this does is advertise to a group of people already interested in your services, in your area. What better way to reach out to your local San Diego patrons than be there when they search for you.

To set up an Adwords accounts follow these simple steps:

1. Create a Gmail account
i) Create Gmail Account- or use current one
ii) Set Password
iii) Set Security question
iv) Set Recovery email
v) Unclick stay signed in

2. Go to
i) Set time/currency according to customer
ii) Sign in to adwords with info above
iii) Campaign- Create First Campaign
iv) Advanced Location- browse/search/custom
v) Adjust mileage accordingly
vi) Check locations
vii) Do not click allow access address locations
viii) Keep default settings
ix) Set bidding options: CPC limit= take monthly budget divide by 30 days and set daily limit

When you set up your location, you have the option of expanding the searchable area to many hundreds of miles from your actual business location. This feature can be made smaller if you want mainly local to you results, or larger if your services cover and entire area of the state.

Once you place your ad, you can Google your keywords and VOILA, there you are!

Next, Google also offers what’s called Placement Performance Reports, which gives you the ability to track you ads, see which ones are getting more exposure than others, and ultimately what your ROI is.

The cost of your ad(s) depends on you, and there is no minimum requirement. Therefore, you could set a budget of 7.00 dollars a day, with a maximum cost of .25 cents per click on your add. Thus giving you 28 potential clients each day! Keep in mind, you are only charged if your ad is clicked on!

Google Adwords is a very creative and inexpensive way to get your business out there, ultimately bringing in new customers.