How to View the Mobile Version of Your WordPress Website from Desktop

Do you want to learn how to view the mobile version of your WordPress website from a desktop? If yes, then this post is for you. Being able to view the mobile layout of your website will help see how the website looks on mobile devices. The best thing is that you don’t have to keep switching between mobile devices and desktop computer to see how the website looks. The best thing is viewing the mobile version of your website from a desktop computer is very easy.

Use WordPress theme customizer

The first method you can use to view the mobile version of your WordPress website is using the WordPress theme customizer. To do this you need to login to the dashboard and go to Appearance>>Customize screen. This will now open the WordPress theme customizer. You will be able to see various options in the left hand menu depending on the theme you are the very bottom of the screen you can see a button that will help preview how the website looks on mobile devices.

Use Google Chrome’s DevTools Device Mode

Google Chrome has a number of developer tools that can be used to run different checks on a website. This includes viewing how the website looks on mobile devices. Open Google Chrome and visit the page you want to preview. You then need to right-click on the page and click on ‘Inspect’. A new pane will open on the right. Here you will be able to see the HTML source code. Next you can click on the ‘Toggle Device Toolbar’ to change to mobile view. The previews will shrink to the size of mobile screens. Your mouse will change to a circle instead of a cursor. The circle mimics a touchscreen. Holding the ‘Shift’ key and moving the mouse simulates pinching the screen to zoom out or in. There are additional buttons at the top to help do more things. It is also possible to simulate the performance of your website using 3G connections.

Creating mobile specific content in WordPress

It is very important that your website be mobile friendly. This means having a responsive design. A responsive design makes it easy for visitors to navigate the website from any device. Being responsive is, however, not enough. You must add the right content too. Your content and lead generation forms have to be mobile-specific. Using plugins like OptinMonster will help create mobile specific popups as well as lead generation forms.

View the mobile version of your WordPress website