PPC Tips and Tricks

PPC Tips and Tricks

Just some tips and tricks to make your PPC campaign run smoothly!

1. Focus on your offer- Studies show that the offer is the most important aspect of making the conversion from lead to sale. Make your offer clear, simple and above all else, something to hard to turn down.

2. Know your Audience- If you are targeting a specific group or area, know them. Research and make sure that your communication to them is in their language.

3. Don’t concentrate on Price- Make your offer so tantalizing that the cost seems insignificant to the buyer.

4. Get Creative- Have a team that works together, collaborating to ensure you haven’t missed out on any good ideas.

5. Use PPC in conjunction with other marketing avenues. Don’t rely solely on PPC. PPC will get you immediate traffic while waiting for your other SEO optimization to kick in.

6. Utilize this to make and build client relationship. Don’t just focus on retention of your current clients; focus on the “would be” clients as well. By building the relationship they could very well end up as clients.

7. Look at the big picture when drawing up your campaigns. Focusing on current trends is helpful, but looking at the big picture is better. Always do your research to determine what the best course of action will be in your campaigns.

8. Make your landing pages user friendly- You don’t want to scare people of with loud, flashy pages. You do want the buy now, or add to cart buttons in a clear spot.

9. Tis the Season- You always want to address the seasons and holidays in some area of your landing page. Have some adds prepared for the holidays with special offers.

10. Always monitor your traffic, you can use Google Analytics for this.