Choose a Good Host – Speed Matters

Choose a Good Host – Speed Matters

Choosing a good hosting company is important. The reliability of your hosting company and the SPEED at which it serves your webpages is extremely important. Hosting companies are a dime a dozen nowadays but this doesn’t mean that they are all the same. A slow loading page will be penalized by Google resulting in a poorer rank.

What makes a good host?

1. Up time. If your website isn’t up, Google can’t crawl it consistently
2. Speed. If your website is bogged down because all the other websites are jammed onto the server and there aren’t enough resources to serve your webpages you’ll get penalized
3. Ease of Use. Getting around and making changes in your control panel should be easy to do so you can adjust things you need to quickly.

You can check out imSMB for a good, reliable, speedy host that will serve your pages well.

Step 2. Accomplished!