Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name

This is the starting point for your seo. If you choose your domain name wisely it will assist you in obtaining the rankings you want for your website. One of the most important things in choosing your domain name is to use a location and your type of business or industry in your domain name.

Items to note:

1. Think about your location
2. Think about how people search for your service (what keywords or phrases do they type in?)
3. Think about how long the domain name is (if you’re selling online and opting for search engine optimization primarily it doesn’t matter)
4. Think about NOT using your business name (It’s ok if you don’t. If you have a choice between using it and not getting better rankings and using a keyword instead to assist your rankings, go for the keyword choice)
5. Capital Letters in a TLD (top level domain name… this means everything in front of the .com, .net, etc) don’t make a difference


Mark is a web developer . He lives and operates a website developer business in San Diego . He does a search for keywords to see what is most commonly searched for (because he wants to be found under that search term later). He finds that San Diego Web Developer , San Diego Website Developer, and Web Developer San Diego are the most common terms searched for.

Mark decides he’s going to see if the domain name is available. He’s checks and it’s not. Ok… he then checks to see if a variation is available instead. He checks and One appears to be available so he chooses

It’s a wise choice for SEO purposes. It contains both the Search Term web developer and also the location San Diego

Google looks for the search term in your domain name and provides you with ranking credit when your terms appear in the domain. Since “san diego” and “web developer” appear in the domain name Mark chose in this example he gets credit from Google.

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Step 1. Accomplished!