Content on your San Diego Web Design (Part 1)

Content on your San Diego Web Design

on page seoSo now that we have the basics down for making sure the website can be read and looks good to Google from a technical aspect, let’s turn to the ever important topic of CONTENT. As a San Diego business owner interested in getting better rankings (or as any business owner for that matter) you may have heard talk over the last couple of years about how important Content is to your Google rankings.

If you’ve decided that you’re just going to put whatever you want to say on your website without paying attention to what Google is looking for you can be prepared to keep your rankings where they are at. That’s because Google does care about Content.

Let’s take a look at our own example and how your page content should be created appropriately. We’ll go through this in bullet fashion to make it easier to read on the eyes:

1. Keyword Density– This refers to the amount of times your keyword appears in the content of your page. It is a percentage. Google is looking for approximately a 2-3% density of the keyword(s) on your page. You can stretch up to about 4% but after that…

Look how many words there are on the home page of There are approximately 400 words. For the term website there are 14 instances on the home page. That is 14 times out of 400 words that the term website appears. That is a 3.5% density.

Look at the term web design. It appears 8 times out of 400 words. That is a 2% density.

Keyword Density is important because it shows Google that your webpage is about the keyword you’re trying to optimize for.

2. Bolded Text– You don’t have to bold all keywords on your web page. However having a few of them in Bold will tell Google these are important to pick up on and help increase your ranking. Note the bolded text on the homepage of

3. Internal Linking – This is an overlooked but also important process to follow. Throughout your website you should link 2-3 keywords to existing pages on your website. For an example look above at what was done with the term “web design”. It is linked to

As a side note here it’s important to note that you need to have links that connect your webpages to each other in order for Google to effectively crawl them. In other words if you create a page on your website but there is no other page on your website that links to it, it won’t get crawled by Google and will not benefit your site with any increase in ranking.