How Do I Add a Product Image to my Woocommerce?

How Do I Add Product Images to My Woocommerce Store

Adding an image to your woocommerce product is easier than you might think. However, most people become afraid they are going to somehow destroy their previous work or really mess up their site and hesitate to do it. You can watch the video here to see how to get the image onto your product in woocommerce.

Step 1. Login to your WordPress
Step 2. Find the “Products” option on the left side of your WordPress dashboard menu
Step 3. Click “Products”
Step 4. Now a complete listing of all your products you’ve added in woocommerce will come up
Step 5. Find the product you want to add the image to and mouse over the name of it
Step 6. A submenu will come up with the text “Edit” and other options. Click Edit
Step 7. In the bottom right corner of the product page that comes up for editing you’ll see a box with a link that says “Set Product Image”. Click this link.
Step 8. Your media library comes up. You can either find and choose the image you have there or choose Upload Image
Step 9. Once you’ve selected and uploaded your image choose the blue button that says “Set Product Image”. Click it.
Step 10. Press update on your Product page that you’re editing
You’re done!