How to Add Click-to-Call Button in WordPress

How to Add Click-to-Call Button in WordPress

click to call buttonThe need to add click-to-call button is more important today. This is because more people will be visiting your website using their mobile devices. Adding this button thus makes it easy for them to contact you. In this post we shall be looking at the steps you need to take to add this button.

Adding the button using a plugin

The first option you have for adding the click-to-call button is with help of a WordPress plugin. The plugin will help you add this button in Gutenberg, Classic editor, WordPress sidebar widget and even a floating call button.

The best plugin for this is the WP Call Button. You need to install and activate it. You then need to go to Settings>>WP Call Button page to configure the plugin. The Sticky Call Button feature is the one that scrolls with the user as they browse your site. This is a highly conversion optimized feature that will help get more calls. Don’t forget to enter the phone number that you want people to call.

There are many customization options with the WP Call Button. Explore this option until you find the one that works best for you.

Add the button manually in WordPress

If you prefer not to use plugins, there is a manual option you can use to add the click-to-call button. This option is more technical. Adding the below code will help add a clickable phone number.

<!–This link will work on Android and iPhone. It will be visible to desktop users but will result in an error when clicked –>
<a href=”tel:+15555551212″>+1 (555) 555-1212</a>
<a href=”tel:15555551212″>Call Me</a>

Replace the phone number with your own. With this link the phone app on the mobile device will be opened once somebody clicks on your phone number. Mac users will get the option to open the link in Facetime whereas on windows the link will open in Skype.

It is possible to add an icon or image next to the click-to-call text link. Go to Media>>Add New page then upload your preferred image. Click on the ‘Edit’ link once the image is uploaded. On the edit media screen copy the file URL. Now go edit the custom HTML widget, page or post that you want to display the click-to-call phone icon. In this area add the phone icon image wrapped inside the tel:link like shown below:

<a href=”tel:+15555551212″><img src=”” alt=”Call us” /></a>

It is easy to add click-to-call button. The above instructions will help you add one easily. If you are stuck don’t hesitate to consult a professional for help.

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