How to Add Facebook Giveaway in WordPress

How to Add Facebook Giveaway in WordPress

The decision to add Facebook giveaway in WordPress will significantly boost engagement on your website. The giveaways will help point visitors to your Facebook page which in turn leads to more followers and increased engagement on your page. You can also add a range of engagement metrics simultaneously like asking visitors to sign up to your newsletter, ask them to view your other social media pages, watch your videos on YouTube and so on. But how do you add the giveaway on your WordPress website.

Create Facebook giveaway campaign 

You first need to install and activate RafflePress plugin. You can use the free version or the pro version. The choice is yours. Once you activate the plugin you need to add a new menu item and label it RafflePress to the admin sidebar. Click it to go to the settings. Go to RafflePress>>Add New to launch the giveaway builder. Add a title for the giveaway and enter the required details in the builder. By default you will see the Facebook button, View a Facebook post, video actions or visit us on Facebook. Customize the giveaway by click on the edit button next to the Prize title. The prize needs a title and a brief description as well as a picture of the prize. Don’t forget to add the start and end dates for this giveaway.¬†

Add more actions

As you add Facebook giveaway in WordPress it is good not to rely on the default entries. You can add more action by switching to the ‘Actions’ tab in the builder and add the actions you want. You can ask the users to join the email list, view your Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram page, send a tweet, visit your WooCommerce products and so on. Select the action you want and you will see the settings for that specific action. Add a title for the action; this is what users will see on the button. You can also make an action mandatory.

Make the giveaway stand out

There are easy tools on RafflePress to customize the look of your giveaway campaign. Switch to Design tab to see the available options. You can add the giveaway on any page or post. Don’t forget to change the background to blend well on the target page or post.

Fine tune the giveaway

Switch to the ‘Settings’ tab to see additional options. The options are self-explanatory. You then need to go to the ‘Giveaway Rules’ tab to change the rules for joining the giveaway. On the email verification tab is where you require users to confirm their email addresses before participating. Play around with all the options here to fine tune your Facebook giveaway.

Add the giveaway to your post or page

To add the Facebook giveaway in WordPress you just need to edit a post or page. You then add the RafflePress block to the block editor and select the giveaway you wish to launch. It is also possible to add the giveaway on the sidebar. To do so you need to go to RafflePress then switch to shortcode options and copy the shortcode. You then need to edit the page or post you wish to add the giveaway and paste the shortcode in the post editor. To add to the sidebar widgets go to Appearance>>Widgets page and add the ‘Text’ widget to the sidebar. Paste the shortcode in it and save.¬†

Add Facebook giveaway in WordPress