How to Track Link and Button Clicks on Your WordPress Website

How to Track Link and Button Clicks on Your WordPress Website

Do you want to learn how to track link and button clicks on WordPress? If yes then this post is for you. Being able to track link and button clicks enables you to uncover how your visitors are interacting with your website. You can then use this insight to refine your website and plan your strategies accordingly. But how exactly do you track clicks on your WordPress website?

Track using MonsterInsights

While the best tool for collecting marketing data is Google Analytics, this tool can be a tad intimidating for both experienced and new marketers. This is why MonsterInsights is the best tool to use on a WordPress website. This is a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that is the ideal choice if you want to track link and button clicks on WordPress. The plugin will add a tracking script in the footer and add proper event tracking to all the buttons, cart areas, buttons and other clickable elements on your website.

There is a free version for starters. The Pro plan will, however, give you the full advantage. All you need to do to get started is install and activate MonsterInsights plugin. You then need to go to Insights>>Settings page and enter the license key. There after you need to click on ‘Launch Setup Wizard’. This will connect your site to the Google Analytics. All the configurations will be set through the setup wizard.

How to track affiliate links

If you wish affiliate marketing to make money, you can track the links using MonsterInsights. To do this you need to go to Insights>>Settings and then click on ‘Publisher’ tab. You then need to add the affiliate link prefix here in order to start tracking it. After a few hours you can go to Insights>>Reports menu to see the number of clicks on your affiliate links.

Track Outbound Links

These are links that point to external websites. MonsterInsights will automatically track these links. To view them you just need to go to Insights>>Reports and look under the Publishers report.

If you notice you are sending lots of traffic to an external website, you can contact them to work out a partnership. This could be cross-promotion, sponsorship, affiliate partnership or any other strategic partnership.

Track File Downloads

If you partner with sites that sell digital downloads or if you offer downloadable content you can track the total number of file downloads with MonsterInsights. Go to Insights>>Settings page and switch to ‘Engagement’ tab. Scroll to the ‘File Downloads’ and add the file type extension you wish to track. You will now be able to view download stats at Insights>>Reports then switching to ‘Publisher’ tab.

There is a lot more you can do with MonsterInsights if you want to track link and button clicks on WordPress. You just need to learn how to use the plugin like a pro. This post will give you a great start.

Track link and button clicks on WordPress