How to Add Spin to Win Optins in Your WordPress Website

How to Add Spin to Win Optins in Your WordPress Website

Do you want to learn how to add spin to win optins in WordPress? If yes then this post is for you. The spin to win optin adds gamification to the signup forms. The feature can also be used to share special offers, discounts and perks as well as other rewards. Studies show that these kinds of optins improve user engagement as well as sales. But how do you go about it?

What are spin to win optins?

These are discount coupon or signup form wheels that add fun to your WordPress website. Users play a game to unlock special offers, win discounts or access downloads. Adding spin to win optins in WordPress has been found to improve conversion rates by more than 30%. This is because they are fun, interactive and get instant attention.

Install OptinMonster

To get started with the spin to win optins you first need to install and activate the OptinMonster. This is one of the best lead generation software out there. You have to visit to create an account and choose the ‘Growth’ plan to get the ‘Coupon Wheel Campaigns’ feature.

Once you are done signing up, you need to install and activate the free OptinMonster plugin. The plugin will connect your website to the OptinMonster app. Click the OptinMonster menu from your admin sidebar to connect to your account.

Creating spin to win wheel

The next thing you should do after connecting OptinMonster with WordPress is click on ‘Create New Campaign’. This will direct you to the OptinMonster website. Choose Fullscreen as the campaign type then select the template that you want. You then need to give a name to your template and choose where you will run the campaign. This will launch the OptinMonster campaign bulder. You can change the different elements to your preferences.

The next step is to edit the values of the coupon wheel. To do so you need to click ‘Edit Wheel Sections’. Add the coupon codes and special offers you wish to give. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors and other features.

Choose when to display the spin wheel

After you add spin to win optins in your WordPress you need to choose when the spin wheel will be displayed. To do this you need to switch to ‘Display Rules’ tab in the OptinMonster dashboard. Choose the rule-sets for the campaign. You can try the exit intent rule-set which will launch the spinner when a visitors is about to leave your site. It is okay to combine multiple rule-sets. Choose the ones that work best for you.

Add Spin Wheel to Your Website

Last but not least you need to add the spin wheel to your website. The first step is to publish your campaign then go to the OptinMonster dashboard and switch to the ‘Publish’ tab. Check the toggle located next to ‘Status’ and switch it to live. Save changes.

You can then go back to your website to see the OptinMonster menu item. You will be able to see the list of campaigns you created. To see how the spin wheel looks, visit your website from an incognito browser window.

Add spin to win optins in WordPress