How to Clear WordPress Cache

clear WordPress cacheDo you want to learn how to clear WordPress cache? If yes, then this post is for you. The web browser, hosting server as well as caching plugins can serve cached content that make it hard to see changes you make to your website. Clearing the WordPress cache is thus the first step in troubleshooting. But how do you go about this?

Clear browser cache

The first step is obviously to clear the browser cache. Most browsers store static content like JavaScript, stylesheets and images from websites to make those websites load faster when revisited. At times browsers fail to update the saved data and load the old pages. Before you move forward to clear WordPress cache you need to clear the browser data first.

Each browser is different. If you are using Google Chrome, you need to click the menu icon and go to More Tools>>Clear Browsing Data. Ensure images and files options have been checked then click ‘Clear browsing data’. With Mozilla Firefox, you need to click the menu button at the top right then go to Options>>Privacy & Security then scroll down to Cookies and Site Data then click on ‘Clear’.

Clear cache in WordPress plugin

If you use a caching plugin, you will have to clear the plugin cache. You can do this from the plugin’s settings page. If you are using WP Rocket, for example, you need to go to Settings>>WP Rocket page and click ‘Clear Cache’. The process is similar for most caching plugins.

Clear cache on WP Engine

If you use this managed WordPress hosting provider, then you will have to clear cache in it. To clear cache, click the WP Engine menu from the admin bar and from ‘General’ settings click on the ‘purge all caches’ button.

Clear Bluehost cache

This is without any doubt the best WordPress hosting company. They offer built-in caching solution that will improve your website’s performance and speed instantly. You will be able to clear the Bluehost cache from the WordPress admin area. Login to your WordPress admin area and from the top menu click on ‘Caching’ button then click on ‘Purge All’ from the drop down menu.

Clear Sucuri cache

If you use the Sucuri WordPress firewall, then you need to clear the cache from it too. To do this go to Sucuri>>WAF menu in the WordPress admin area. Locate ‘Clear Cache’ and hit on that button to clear cache.

To clear WordPress cache, you have to clear cache from every plugin that uses cache. If you moved your website recently, you may have to clear the DNS cache too.

Clear WordPress cache