How to Setup WooCommerce Conversional Tracking

How to Setup WooCommerce Conversional Tracking

Now that your ecommerce website is up and running, do you want to track conversions on your WooCommerce store? If yes, then this post is for you. Tracking conversion helps understand what is working and what is not working in your store. It helps with planning because you will get the insight you need to know what keeps customers from completing their purchase. In this post we shall be discussing the steps you need to take to track conversion on your online store.

Using Google Analytics and MonsterInsights

The most efficient way of setting up WooCommerce conversion tracking is with Google Analytics. This will help know where visitors are coming from and what they end up doing while on your online store. The issue is that you have to use a lot of custom codes to set up Google Analytics with WooCommerce. On the bright side, you can use various plugins to simplify the work. One of the best plugins you can use is MonsterInsights. Install and activate this plugin to get started.

Turn on enhanced ecommerce tracking in your Google analytics

The first step is to enhance ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics. Go to the Google Analytics dashboard and select your website. Click on ‘Ecommerce settings’ option and the turn on ‘Enable ecommerce’ and the Enable Enhanced Commerce’. Google Analytics will turn on ecommerce reporting feature in your account.

Install ecommerce addon in MonsterInsights

There is an ecommerce addon in MonsterInsights. From your WordPress admin area go to Insights>>Addons page and the install and activate ecommerce addon. You then need to visit Insights>>Settings and go to the ecommerce tab. Turn on the ‘Use Enhanced Ecommerce’ option.

Thereafter MonsterInsights will detect your ecommerce software. It currently supports MemberPress. Easy Digital Downloads and Lifter LMS. You are done setting up WooCommerce conversion tracking.

Viewing Your Conversion Reports

After setting everything up, you have to give the Google Analytics tool time to collect data. You will be able to view the data on both Google Analytics and MonsterInsights. To view reports on MonsterInsights you need to go to Insights>>Reports page. Switch to the ecommerce tab. Here you will see crucial conversion metrics such as transactions, average order value, revenue as well as conversion rate. The list of top products will be displayed below with the quantity, total revenue and sale percentage. You will also be able to see top conversion sources as well as shopper behavior reports from here.

On Google Analytics you will get more in-depth reporting. From Google Analytics Dashboard go to Conversions>>Ecommerce from the left column. The first overview includes crucial numbers like revenue, conversion rate, average order value and transactions. You can switch to various reports for more analysis. From Google Analytics you can get such data as cart abandonment, sessions that ended in checkout and so much more.

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