How to Display Tweets in WordPress using the Twitter Widgets

How to Display Tweets in WordPress using the Twitter Widgets

Do you want to display tweets in WordPress using the Twitter widgets? If yes this post is for you. Integrating Twitter on your website is a great way to increase engagement both on your website and on Twitter. Blog visitors will discover tweets that help them get new followers on Twitter. Twitter followers, on the other hand, will discover more of your content thus increasing traffic to your website.

The fastest way to display tweets in WordPress is by embedding your Twitter timeline or profile on your website. It is very easy to do this on WordPress. You can embed Twitter content such as single tweet, collection, likes, lists and moments into your site. The most common place to display the recent tweets is on the sidebar.

Adding recent tweets on the sidebar

The first thing you should do is finding and copying the URL of the Twitter profile that you wish to embed. Twitter profile URL is a combination of the Twitter website URL and the Twitter username. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance>>Widgets page. From here you need to drag and drop the text widget to the sidebar then paste the copied Twitter profile URL. This will turn into a Twitter timeline widget immediately. Name the widget and save it. You can now see previews of recent tweets. The widget will display 20 most recent tweets.

Embed Twitter feed using Twitter Publish

The Twitter Publish is the feature that replaced the Twitter widget feature. This is the feature for embedding Twitter into websites. Twitter Publish makes it easy for you to create the embed code for different types of Twitter content including profiles, collection, tweets, hash tags and moments. You need to visit and paste your Twitter profile URL in the ‘What would you like to embed?’ box and then click the arrow icon. Here you need to choose the display options. Choose embedded timeline to show your Twitter timeline with recent tweets on your WordPress website. You will now get the embed code which you need to copy.

Go to Appearance>>Widgets from the dashboard and add ‘Custom HTML’ widget to the sidebar area. Paste the copied code in the HTML field and save the changes. You can now see recent tweets in WordPress.

These two options will help you display tweets in WordPress easily. There are several other methods you can use but these are the best options. Thereafter you can customize the widgets the way you want. For example you can show selective tweets in WordPress.

Display tweets in WordPress using the Twitter widgets