Tips to Help Score 100% in WordPress Site Health Check Score

Tips to Help Score 100% in WordPress Site Health Check Score

If you have upgraded to WordPress 5 you probably want to score 100% in WordPress site health check score. This is a feature introduced in version 5.1 and improved in WordPress 5.2 where it provides health check score. The feature helps the website owner to keep an eye on the overall performance and security of their website. Getting a score lower than 100% can scare you. The good news is there are a couple of things you can do to improve the score to close to 100%.

What is the WordPress site health check score?

The WordPress Site Health check score is a feature that looks for common security and performance issues on a website and provides a check score based on several tests. To view your score you should go to Tools>>Site Health page from the WordPress admin area. If you want to score 100% in WordPress site health check score here are the most important things you should do.

Get better WordPress hosting

Web hosting service impacts a website’s performance the most. Unreliable hosting plans will affect your website in many ways. This is more so if the hosting provider uses older software, and doesn’t have all the PHP modules installed. The worst thing is that these limitations are out of your control.

A WordPress hosting provider with a proven track record will help improve your score. The best WordPress hosting providers are Dreamhost, Bluehost and SiteGround.

Install SSL

This is all about the security of your website. SSL will protect your site by encrypting data being transferred from server to the browser of a user and vice versa. Here all you need is to install the SSL certificate on your site. Free SSL certificates are offered by some WordPress hosting providers.

Keep your website updated

WordPress is open-source software that needs to be updated regularly. Each update comes with new features, improved security and bug fixes. Failing to update your WordPress version regularly will keep you from getting a good health check score. The same goes for themes, plugins, MySQL, MariaDB and PHP version. Keeping the WordPress automatic updates enabled will help.

Remove unused plugins and themes

Deactivating a plugin or theme doesn’t uninstall it. Although the inactive themes and plugins don’t affect the performance of your website it is good to remove them. This is because they can be used to hide malware, increase the security scan time and also increase chances of you activating them accidentally.

Although you don’t need to score 100% in WordPress site health check score, any score above 80% is good enough to run your website without any issues. It is, however, good to strive for the 100% score.

Score 100% in WordPress site health check score