How to Get a Free Email Domain with Bluehost

How to Get a Free Email Domain with Bluehost

Do you want to get a free email domain? If yes then this post is for you. The email domain is basically the part of the email that comes after the ‘@’ symbol. It looks something like this, ‘’. If you have a business, it is important that you have a domain email. It is more trusted than a generic Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address. The domain email looks more professional and will help you make more sales. You can buy an email domain or get a free email domain when you create a website. In this post we will be looking at the steps you need to take to get an email domain with Bluehost.

On Bluehost it typically costs $14.99 per year to get a custom domain name and the cost of email hosting starts from $9.88 per month. This is a huge amount of money to spend thus the reason you need to learn how to get a free email domain. The best news is that with Bluehost you can get a shared hosting plan for your emails and free SSL certificate for just $2.75 per month. Here is how you can get the free email domain.

Setup your email domain

The first step is obviously to visit the Bluehost website and setup your free email domain. When it comes to the selection of a plan choose free email domain name. Bluehost will let you know if your selected domain name is available. If it is unavailable you have to select an alternative one. Enter your account information to finalize the setup. Make sure you uncheck the unnecessary optional extras so as to keep your cost down.  You will get an email on how to login.

Adding your email accounts to the email domain

After logging in to your account using the email sent to you earlier, click on ‘Email & Office’ menu then select ‘Manage’. You will be taken to an email account management area. Click ‘Create’ to add new email accounts. Enter the email you wish to use as well as the password. You can then click on create button to save the email account you just created.

Using your custom domain email

There are many ways you can use your new domain email. For starters there is a unique Webmail interface offered by Bluehost. You just need to go to Email & Office>>Manage page then select Check Email Link located next to your account. You will be asked to choose the default webmail app. It is also easy to connect other devices so that you can receive emails on apps like Thunderbird and Outlook. You need to go to Email & Office>>Manage page and select ‘Connect Devices. Here you will see a list of all available email apps and devices.

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