What is the Difference Between Com and Net Domain Extensions?

What is the Difference Between Com and Net Domain Extensions?

The biggest challenge most people have is that of choosing between Com and Net domain extensions. These are, however, not the only domain extensions available. There are many more out there. These two are the most popular. If you are creating a WordPress website and are not sure on the domain name extension to use, here is what you need to understand. 

Key differences

Com and net are the two most common domain name extensions. If you cannot find a dot com domain name extension to go with your domain name, then you can opt for the dot net. All in all, dot net is not a suitable alternative for your business if you cannot find a dot com. The reason for this is because most people assume that dot com is the extension that a website has. Consequently, if your preferred dot com is not available and you go with dot net, most of your visitors will land on the website that uses dot com.

The dot com domain extension normally represents the commercial domain names. It includes all business websites as well as websites that make money. Blogs, personal websites, portfolios and almost anything in between uses dot com.

The dot net, on the other hand, represents ‘network’. It is ideal for email, internet and networking service providers. If you are torn between com and net domain extensions, understanding these facts will help make the right decision.

When to use dot com

The dot com is synonymous with the Internet. Over 46% of registered domain names use this extension. It is easier for Internet users to remember dot come than other extensions. Dot coms are also easier to brand, promote and will help grow your business easier. When creating a business website, the dot com extension is the best extension to use. It even makes your business look more professional.

The downside with dot com extensions is that they are very popular. Finding a good domain name with a dot com extension will be hard.

When to use dot net

The dot net extension is ideal when you want to provide database hosting, networking, email hosting and other similar services. It is also okay to use the dot net extension if it suits your brand. You, however, need better marketing strategies to pull it off with a dot net. Almost 4% of the registered domain names use the dot net extension.

All things considered, the dot com extension is the safest bet regardless of the nature of your business. It is, however, good to note that search engines will treat both dot coms and dot net extensions the same.

Com and Net domain extensions