What You Must Do After Inheriting a WordPress Website

What You Must Do After Inheriting a WordPress Website

It is possible to inherit a WordPress website. This is more so after purchasing an existing website or getting one from a friend. This is a great move because you don’t have to build a website from scratch. Even so, there are a couple of things you will have to do after inheriting a WordPress website. They include the following.

Get all passwords

It is a no brainer that after inheriting a WordPress website you need to gather all usernames and passwords from the previous owner. This will include:

  • Web hosting password,
  • FTP password,
  • Domain management password,
  • CDN password,
  • Email marketing service password
  • Passwords to all 3rd party premium plugins

You need to schedule a video call with the previous website owner. They will explain everything in detail for you. You need a password manager to manage your passwords.

Change admin password and emails

You are the new owner and the last thing you want is for the previous owner to still have access to the admin area. Changing the admin passwords and email will ensure the previous developer will not be able to modify anything. You will also enjoy peace of mind after changing the passwords.

To do this go to Users>>All Users page from the admin area and edit the passwords and contact details. You also need to change the admin email. Go to Settings>>General page then enter the new email.

Setup a backup solution

You need to back-up your website regularly to avoid total data loss in case something goes wrong.  The previous owner probably had their own backup plugin. You need to setup yours. The backup should also be saved on remote locations like Google Drive or Dropbox. The backup plugin you use should allow for automatic backups.

Update user roles and permissions

The previous owner may have user roles and permissions assigned. You need to start by revoking these permissions and setup your own. Limit admin access.

Run performance and security scans

The last thing you want after you inherit a WordPress website is to launch it while it still has issues. This is why you need to run security and performance scans to see if there are any issues. Sucuri is a highly recommended plugin for performing security scans. Speed testing the website will help you know if it is performing optimally.

Other things you should do include:

  • Checking if there is proper tracking and SEO integration
  • Implementing version control / staging site
  • Running a website clean up
  • Reviewing the installed plugins
  • Upgrading the hosting service

The best thing about inheriting a WordPress website is that you get to leverage on the performance of the existing website. You will, however, need to customize the website so that it meets you needs. Don’t be afraid to bring in the professionals if you are ever stuck.

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