Why You Need CDN for Your WordPress Blog

Why You Need CDN for Your WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog you should think about getting a CDN. To avoid confusion, it is good to note that CDN is something that you use in addition to CDN. Most people assume that they don’t need hosting when using CDN. That is not true. CDN will not replace your hosting account. You still need a reliable hosting service provider.

What is a CDN?

CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. This is a network server that delivers cached static content from the website to the users depending on their geographic location. When a user visits your WordPress blog they will be redirected to the web host’s server that stores your blog content. The web host server has a central location. Every visitor to your website will be accessing this server to read the content on your website.

When the volume of traffic is high the server can be overloaded. This causes slow load speeds and the server might even crash. This is where the need for CDN comes in handy. CDN is a network of servers that are spread throughout the globe. When using CDN, static content of your website will be cached and stored on these servers. The static content includes stylesheets, images, Flash, javascripts and so on. When you have a visitor on your website, the CDN will redirect them to the server closest to them that contains your website files.

A good example is where your main server is located in Houston, Texas. When someone from England tries to access your website they will be redirected to the server that is closest to them. The closest server could be in London. As a result there will not be too much strain on the main server and visitors will get the web content they request must faster. The closer the CDN server is to a visitor the faster the page will load.

Why Do You Need a CDN?

It is obvious by now you understand why getting a CDN server is so important. To summarize, here are the key benefits that come with using CDN.

  • Speed: Your website will load much faster
  • Crash resistance: Since the main server will not be overloaded chances of the server crashing are reduced significantly.
  • Improved user experience: Fast website load speed means fewer bounce rate, and more page views.
  • SEO improvement: Faster websites rank higher in search engines.

The biggest task you have is that of choosing the best CDN. There are quite a number of them. Dig deeper before you settle on one.