How to Get Google Site-links for Your Website

How to Get Google Site-links for Your Website

If you want to get the Google sitelinks for your WordPress website then this post is for you. The Google sitelinks are the sub-pages that show under your first site in the search engine ranking results. They have internal links to popular pages on your website. The Google sitelinks normally show when you search for specific brand keyword because they help a visitor to navigate around that website easily.

The number of Google sitelinks varies from one website to the next. A typical brand name search will have two, four or even six sitelinks that are displayed under the website name. The Google sitelinks for your website will be selected by the Google algorithm. The goal is to offer visitors the best user experience. This is for the simple fact that a visitor can go straight to the page that interests them without having to click extra links.

Why Google sitelinks are important

  • They improve your click-through-rate
  • Help build trust and credibility in new visitors
  • Help increase product awareness
  • Allow users to discover the top pages
  • Compels visitors to browse deeper into your website

However, for your website to get Google sitelinks it should not be brand new. The websites that get sitelinks are those that have been around for some time and ones that receive lots of traffic. However, there are a number of things you can do to increase chances of getting Google sitelinks.

Have a unique website name

This is the first thing you must do. Generic brand names struggle to rank high in search engine results. Needless to say, Google sitelinks are assigned to websites that rank at #1. However, if you already have an established brand you don’t have to change it.

Rank at position #1

As aforementioned, the only websites that get Google sitelinks are those that rank at the top position. You have to invest more in SEO. The higher your search engine ranking is the better your chances of getting a sitelink.

Use proper structured data for SEO

Search engines rely on automated bots to index websites. The bots search for structured data to understand a website. Having structured data will boost your chances of getting Google sitelinks, featured snippets as well as help you appear in the answer boxes.

Other important things you should do include:

  • Having clear website structure and navigation
  • Creating a sitemap and adding site to Google search console
  • Making internal linking
  • Improving page titles and making them relevant
  • Increasing brand awareness

Google sitelinks for your WordPress website